Build or Renovate?

Build or Renovate? With the introduction of the HomeBuilder Grant, eligible Owner-Occupiers now have the opportunity and perfect motivation to either Build their very own Home or substantially Renovate their Existing Home to achieve their dream home. After all, we all deserve a Home to Love. So we have put together a few benefits of both Building and Renovating to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Happy Home

We are Big Believers that Happiness is Homemade. Therefore it makes perfect sense that true Happiness starts at Home. Not only can interior design & decor Refresh your Home, it Clears the Mind, Opens the Heart & Comforts the Soul. You can have a home that is healthy, efficient and stylish. Helpful hints to create and embrace a happy home of your very own.

Dining in Style

Dinner anyone? No matter what the occasion, you can create the perfect mood, atmosphere & experience when dining with friends, family or guests. Setting the Scene can be Simple and Inexpensive. Mix it up with a two-toned colour theme, jewels, flowers, candles and a dash of elegance and you are Dining in Style. Go subtle or bold, add some height or play with layers. Choose where to dine whether indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. So here’s how you can style up your dining table this Autumn, or anytime of year you desire.

Art Therapy in Style

As an Interior Designer and Artist I am always inspired and passionate when selecting a piece of art prior to selecting furnishings. However, it is just as easy to create a piece of art that matches your furnishings and desired finish, especially when your artwork becomes the focal point of your home.

Is Property Styling Affordable?

Whether selling or renting out your home the costs to prepare, improve & market your home can really start to add up. Services including a Real Estate Agent, Photographer, Solicitor, Conveyancer, Auctioneer, Marketing Package, Repairs & lots more can be a daunting process without the stress of all the expense keeping you awake at night. However, how much does it all cost and what do you do first? Well…Breath and Smile… while we show you how to invest in your home wisely to ensure that the costs Pay for Themselves.

Sound a Sleep in Style

Believe it or not, your Main Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, whether it’s for yourself or on display to sell! Your main bedroom maybe the most unseen room from a visitors point of view, hence why it easily becomes a cluttered mess and unappealing, as you can just leave the room and close the door behind you and no one will ever know right?

Light up your Home

Loving the way we can use lighting to create beautiful interiors and calming surrounds. Whether natural or artificial, lighting can enhance mood, appeal, ambience, energy and overall health. Without light life stops.

From Old to New

Utilizing your own furnishings can be one of the most affordable ways to improve the style,feel and value of your home. You can save time and money by following our very own Refresh, Revamp & Restyle method…