Sound a Sleep in Style

Believe it or not, your Main Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, whether it’s for yourself or on display to sell! Your main bedroom maybe the most unseen room from a visitors point of view, hence why it easily becomes a cluttered mess and unappealing, as you can just leave the room and close the door behind you and no one will ever know right? Whilst your friends and family enjoy the serenity of the rest of your home, your own personal health and peace of mind suffers in the bedroom. To ensure you are getting at least 7 to 9 blissful hours of restful sleep we can show you how to prepare, style and enjoy all of the benefits of having a tranquil, dreamy and luxurious bedroom. Your body and mind also need the right environment to fully relax and recover so you wake refreshed and energetic for the day ahead.

Seven (7) Steps to Styling for Sleep:

  1. Clutter Free is the Key – Firstly clean, declutter and organise your room to help prepare for a new style whilst also creating more space to move.  This not only restores balance and openness but can promote wellness too.
  2. Choosing a Colour Palette – For a soothing and calm space, choose neutrals (light greys, crisp whites, natural tans or beige) or look to cooler hues like pale blues, soft greens or pastel lavenders as they are known to reduce stress, anxiety and provide a great choice for a smaller room. Also feel free to add a darker accent colour as these colours can still retain a cool vibe and be broken up by adding some natural materials (wood) and plenty of fresh white elements.
  3. Bedding is the Most Important Element – Ensure you have a quality mattress that suits your needs and invest in some quality linen (high thread count sheets). Introduce a nice blend of textures, fibres & patterns throughout the room. Plush rugs, cosy throws and overfilled pillows create the perfect calmness your bedroom deserves. Always look for sales of 70% or above to prevent over spending.
  4. Modernise your Lighting – Create a warm ambiance with a blend of mood & purpose lighting throughout the room. This will inspire a range of activities including reading, meditation, intimacy & sleep. Bring together some relaxing candles and subtle smells to help you relax and unwind.
  5. Additional Furniture and Storage – A comfy chair or cushioned ledge by a window can become your favourite spot to read or reflect on the day. Stylish clothes racks and floating shelves can neatly display your favourite things so you can really look after and cherish the things you have.
  6. Window Treatments & Temperature Control – Appropriate and modern window treatments will allow natural light and fresh air to enter the room whenever you desire and provide comforting darkness whilst sleeping. Ensure there is a convenient way to change the temperature in the room allowing for different seasons and a range of conditions including fans, air conditioning, heating and that beautiful fresh air. Clean fresh air is the best natural source we have and it’s also free, so use it!
  7. Remove any Tempting Distractions  – Try to refrain from watching television or social media for at least an hour before bed to prepare your mind and body for a restful night sleep. Instead read a relaxing book, listen to music or meditate. Now you are ready to enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life!

Start the New Year by creating and living in a beautiful space of your very own. Don’t be afraid to let your personal style and true worth shine. Listen to what relaxes you and shop around for the best quality deals. If you need any help we are only a phone call or email away!