Is Property Styling Affordable?

Whether selling or renting out your home the costs to prepare, improve & market your home can really start to add up. Services including a Real Estate Agent, Photographer, Solicitor, Conveyancer, Auctioneer, Marketing Package, Repairs, Maintenance & more can make selling or renting your home such a daunting process on its own, let alone all of these expenses keeping you awake at night.

Well…Breath and Smile… while we show you how to invest in your home wisely to ensure that the costs Pay for Themselves.

When it comes to your own home or investment property, we understand that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In our previous blog ‘First Impressions are Everything’, we outline steps to follow to prepare your home for sale or rent which sparks a positive emotional response from the right buyer or tenant. However, how much does it all cost and what do you do first? Check out our Top To Do List & Hints below that will save you money and time!

Interior & Exterior – Property Styling

Your ‘Top 4 To Do’ to afford Property Styling & Staging:

a) Engage a ‘Property Stylist’ with experience in Real Estate – This will give you the best chance to improve the value of your home and as a result sell it for a higher price in record time. Therefore, reducing your overall costs and having the option to recoup those costs. Hayley Elizabeth by Design has previous Real Estate Agent & Property Management experience, so they understand the demographic and recognise what is important to buyers and tenants. No matter the marketing strategy proposed, its guaranteed that your home will be immaculately presented inside and outside, ready to show potential buyers or tenants. See below on how affordable styling can really be. Hint: Always present both inside and outside of a property in its best light and form to maximise results. Ask for a Free Pre-Sale Checklist.

b) Know your ‘Budget & Method’ – With such a variety of services, packages and technology available today, Property Styling can be more affordable then you may think. Whichever package suits you best, we give you the option to either regain costs, keep it or gift the complete package to another. This will provide an opportunity to save over 50% in costs and add real value to your home. You can also sell or rent your home fully furnished and styled for a higher price. Instantly your home becomes stress-free, low maintenance and ready to move in, which will appeal to a wider market. From as little as $99 up to $5,500 its an investment that pays for itself with both short and long-term benefits. No Hiring Required, all Furnishings and Accessories are Brand New and there are Flexible Payment Options available. Hint: Ask about Photography and Free Initial Consultations when selling or renting.

c) Ensure a ‘Valuer’ visits your home before and after the styling makeover – This will give you an indication of the increase in value and justify your investment in engaging professionals to sell or rent out your home. Having a budget in mind can also prepare you and help visualise the returns you can make throughout the selling or renting process. Hint: Ensure your home is beautifully presented and emphasises its best features.

d) Research the ‘Real Estate Agents’ in your Local area – Make sure you feel comfortable, communicate well and trust your Agent. Be honest and look at how they work in their area. Visit some Open Homes and see how they interact, present and prove their knowledge of the area. Checkout the results of what has sold by the Agent. Compare other properties currently on the market and of those which have recently sold notice if they are presented at their best. Compare the list price to the sold price and the time spent on the market. We also have a Checklist available to assist you with the entire process of selling or renting your home. Hint: Ask questions, observe and know that a top Agent will agree that you need to make your property stand out from the crowd by creating a visual marketing tool through Property Styling & Home Staging techniques.

So if you are considering Selling or Renting your home, remember there are affordable Property Styling options available that will help you prepare and style your home for the highest returns you deserve without costing tens of thousands of dollars. Visit: