Light up your Home

Loving the way we can use lighting to create beautiful interiors and calming surrounds. Whether natural or artificial, lighting can enhance mood, appeal, ambience, energy and overall health. Without light life stops. Choosing the right lighting for your space can be tricky as there are so many options available.

5 Tips for Lighting up your Home is

a) Familiarising yourself with each Category of Lighting – Decorative, Task and Mood Lighting – Having a statement piece in your hallway, bright lighting for task completion and a dimmable floor lamp to change a room into a more relaxed calming state

b) Understanding the Function & Mood of the Space – What task will be done in this space? Will it be reading, cooking or preparing for that special night out.

c) Choosing Suitable Bulbs & Fittings – A flattering warm low-energy bulb in the living room or low hanging pendants centred above the kitchen island bench or a large delicate chandelier in a high ceiling hallway. Ask an expert at your local lighting store.

d) Balance the Space by Layering lighting options – What atmosphere do I want to create & what electrical options to I have access to? A dimmable lamp on a side table, LED strips under overhead cabinets in the kitchen or wall mounted bright lights either side of the ensuite mirror to reduce shadowing on your face.

e) Have Fun and Experiment – Give a room a distinct personality and choose a different style from modern, industrial or scandi – Don’t do it alone, entice a friend over to help and engage the services of a qualified electrician.

Placing carefully selected lighting and decorations can not only set the perfect first impression but also makes a difference in how we experience and live in a room. So go explore and be inspired to light up your life!