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Hayley Elizabeth by Design is a qualified and experienced Designer, Stylist, Artist, Photographer, Real Estate Agent, Property Manager and Architect. We have the passion, the industry experience, and the expertise in property styling and real estate to help you effectively sell or rent your home or investment property at the highest price in record time.

Property Styling, also known as Home Staging, is an essential part of ensuring a property is presented beautifully both online, in marketing and in person, resulting in a successful sale. We offer a unique service that can utilise your existing Furnishings or install Brand New (partial or full) Home or Decor Packages that are affordable and flexible to suit your needs.


Professional styling and immaculate presentation of a home is the key to attracting the best price for purchase or rent in record time. At Hayley Elizabeth by Design, we have incomparable experience and passion for real estate, whilst having an in-depth understanding of the demographics of buyers or tenants and what they desire.

We offer relaxed yet sophisticated inside-out, nature-inspired styling that is designed to spark an instant positive emotional response from the right buyer for your property.

Preparing a home for sale or rent is far more involved than simply making it look appealing, it’s about simplifying the home whilst emphasising its best features. This enables the buyer or tenant to easily imagine themselves living in the home. At Hayley Elizabeth by Design, we deliver a fresh look and feel to your property to get the maximum results you deserve. Our minimal colour palettes, delicate lighting options, locally sourced furnishings, increased functionality & authentic styling has a greater impact as it provides natural comfort and appeals to a diverse clientele. We provide decluttering and the essential touches that develop a flawless finish resulting in an authentic style with enhanced functionality to deliver natural comfort and positive impact on a diverse clientele.

At Hayley Elizabeth by Design, we offer a comprehensive and complete inside-out property styling service to create a stunning home that sparks an instant positive emotional response from prospective buyers or tenants. We work closely with Sales Agents, Rental Agents, Contractors and Photographers. This is certain to help you maximise your returns in record time so you can focus on what really matters.

Give us a call today – we’d love to help you prepare and style your home or property for the highest returns you deserve!

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Initial Consultation $FREE (1 hr on-site)
Full, Partial & Essential Packages starting from $550 
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